I Treasure ME Product Page

“The best recipe for health is to apply sweet scents to the brain.” Marguerite Maury

Pamper yourself with the alluring, revitalizing experience of our healing products, designed to enliven your mind, moisten and beautify your skin, clear the air, all the while calming your spirit and satisfying your soul. Moisten and tone your skin, clear the air of germs. The natural essential oils are antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. So, not only are the mists divinely fragrant, they can also keep illness away! They calm nervousness, uplift spirits, and enchant the olfactory senses.

I Treasure ME Aromatherapy Floral Mists have multiple uses. Discover yours! Spray frequently and replenish with a little bit of distilled water for the scent that keeps on gifting… One whiff and you’re transported to Paradise!  


Vital Thoughts

Vital Thoughts Floral Face & Body Mist Calms troubled spirit, balances emotions, aids sleep, relaxes the mind & aids in balancing the crown, heart & throat chakras. Enhances memory, calms irritability, headache, refreshes & tones skin. Restorative, uplifting, cheering, invigorating, supportive. Spray face, body & room.  Rosemary, juniper, orange & sweet basil.




Serene Spirit

Serene Spirit Floral Face & Body Mist Calms spirit, aids sleep, relaxes the mind & aids in balancing the crown, heart & throat chakras. Clears germs in the air with antiviral, antiseptic & antibacterial properties. Lavender, rose, geranium.



Peaceful Awakenings

Peaceful Awakening Floral Face & Body Mist A “good morning” floral mist. Awakens & enlivens the spirit & nervous system; relieves headaches, stimulates mental activity,  & memory function & it’s is a wonderful skin tonic. Activates the 3rd eye, crown & heart chakras. Rosemary, juniper, lavender, peppermint & a touch of rose.





Roll-On Magic™ Oils: Each one is specially formulated from high grade, organic essential oils for enhancing body, mind, and spirit, having the ability to give physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual support during many of life’s challenging times. Roll on your skin and feel the magic begin.  


Serene Spirit ™: Activates the crown, promotes relaxation, anti-depressant, helps relieve nervous tension, balance helps promotes health & love. Lavender, rose, geranium.





Peaceful Awakenings™: Activates the Uplifts spirits, awakens the senses, relieves headaches, calms nervousness, boosts mental activity, Peppermint, lavender, rosemary, juniper.



Vital Thoughts™: Aids mental clarity, calms anxiety, inspires joy, helps release negative thoughts and memories. Sweet orange, rosemary, juniper, sweet basil.