Stunning Lake Merritt Photo by Dafina Kuficha

Stunning Lake Merritt
Photo by TreasuredVisionPhotography

What Patients Say:

“Dr. Dafina helped both my husband and me over several years, as well as a crisis intervention for my (then) 4 year old son who was having some distressing respiratory issues. Her holistic approach to healing aims for a complete healing (for those who are able to follow all her recommendations) but allows for the practical reality of life (like me and my coffee) without any judgements. I could go on for some time about how much respect and admiration I have for this woman, but the one thing it comes down to is that I ALWAYS felt better (physically, emotionally and spiritually) when I left Dafina Kuficha’s office than I did when I walked in.”  – D. Lamb

“It is with great respect that I recommend R. Dafina as a highly skilled and intuitive healer and Doctor of Acupunture and Herbal Pharmacology Medicine. She has tirelessly supported, educated and guided myself and the community at large to a healthier and more balanced way of living. She is profoundly electric in creating and transmitting a healing presence in her atmosphere when Treating. It is without hesitation and with the highest of respectful honor that I recommend Dafina as a Master Doctor and Healer to anyone. Profound Success.  – Crystal B

“R. Dafina Kuficha is a very skilled Acupuncturist and Healer. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive. She brings a holistic perspective grounded in years of community service.”  – K. TutashindaOwner, Director, Imhotep Chiropractic & Wellness Center and worked directly with R. Dafina Kuficha.

“Dafina’s gifts, skill and talent as an acupuncturist and healer are EXTRAORDINARY!” Great Results, Expert, High Integrity – K. Lane

“R. Dafina Kuficha is a skilled holistic health practitioner with extensive knowledge of her craft. My personal experiences with Ms. Kuficha have included successful acupuncture and massage treatments for migraine headaches, as well as herbal, dietary and exercise recommendations and regimens for other ailments and an improved quality of life. Ms. Kuficha’s treatments are tailored specifically to the individual based on each patient’s particular needs. I highly recommend the services of R. Dafina Kuficha to any and all who are seeking true quality care and service.  -Greg Bridges

“Dafina is a wonderful Acupuncturist, a God send. In 2004 I got deathly sick and couldn’t keep anything down, every week my system was in an uproar. I began having treatments with Dafina and after the first session things had started to calm down. I saw her a couple times a week and she had me in balance in a short amount of time. In 2006 I had another flair up and couldn’t even drink water, so I went to my regular MD who put me on a BRAT diet to make sure that I was getting some nutrition in my body. I was told to come back into the office the following Friday, but if things didn’t get better before Friday to come back in the office before then. I called Dafina and she treated me on Tuesday and Thursday. I went back to my Western medicine doctor on Friday and she couldn’t believe it, her statement was; ‘You don’t even look like you were sick.’ I told her that I had been to my own Miracle Worker, Dafina, and all was right with the world. I love Dafina, not only does she do excellent work she is compassionate, empathic and a straight shooter. I highly recommend her, she is a God send.   – M. Williams 

“Dafina is a well trained, detailed oriented and experienced practitioner whom you will come back for more of her expertise.                     A Peaceful Spirit.” – F. Legohn

“Dafina is able to filter out some of the ‘noise’ of a client’s background and bring the client to a focused area of quiet and centeredness where her work as an acupuncturist can do it’s best. She is able to redirect negative energy into a positive outcome very well.” Personable & Creative  – R. Camp 

“Dafina works well with people and is very skilled in the art of acupuncture. She is gifted in “reaching the” mind, body and spirit of a person when performing her work, which brings about the desired results.” – M. Oden   

“As an acupunturist and therapist, Dafina was very effective, but the height of our professional relationship came when she assisted in the natural birth of our daughter in 2005. My wife was comforted throughout and Dafina’s skilled and comforting work made the difference.” January 23, 2011 – Randolph Belle 

“Dafina is a thoughtful, extremely intuitive and caring healer. She has treated me many times and leaving her office has always left me rejuvenated and at peace. Thank you Dafina for your care and guidance. Hannibal” Hannibal Abera, Greening Restaurants Coordinator, Thimmakka’s Resources,

“Dafina is a skilled and dedicated acupuncturist who considers the mind, body and spirit of her clients. She is gentle and accurate and I have witnessed the amazing results of her work during labor and delivery.”  – The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation,