From the monthly archives: "April 2017"
Stand Strong Within
If we are not strong in our divine spiritual connection, NOW is the time to connect with it. Some folks don’t know how to differentiate the Voice of Reason from the worldly voice. Time to listen deeply. Pull yourself away from the noise by listening to the Silence. Focus on that part of you called your Soul. The True Voice of The ALL Holy hasn’t a speck of pettiness. It will NOT soothe your ego but IT will show you ways to rise above its rule. Strengthen your connection with your Divine Self and stay connected with recognition and with gratitude. Little practices of gratitude, especially when challenges make you feel forsaken, strengthen your spiritual resolve. Gratitude clears mental toxins out of the way of your true vision.
Do daily exercises where you keep your mind on Spirit. “S/he will remain in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” Know that NOTHING is outside Divine Order. Everything occurs for a reason. Ask and receive your answer. It’s a quiet practice, not one that can play out on social media. Ground yourself in Divinity. Hold IT tightly and let it permeate your entire being. Walk out into the world protected with ITS light, ITS blessings, and ITS protection! “There is NO weapon that will prosper against me, not even my own mind.” That’s the affirmation I sent my child out in the world with, and til this day, I say it to myself, as does he.
We are here for our collective Souls’ evolution. There will be many illusions to distract us from our true mission. If you’ve been studying divine spiritual teachings, now is the time to use what you’ve learned. Saturate your inner being with Sacred Truths. Shhh, don’t put so much energy in the media machines. They will raise your blood pressure, tell you whom to hate, but will do nothing to strengthen your spiritual resolve. We MUST have store our energy, not scatter it. It’s not easy for folks to get this. I find myself speaking words to give reasons for my absence, my illness, my withdrawal, but that’s silly. I am doing what I need to do to be in the world we have created. If I don’t grow me, who will? Grow yourself. It’s more important than growing your business, but you can still grow it. We still need to eat and pay our bills. However, we must also understand that everything we see is temporary.
Do NOT be swayed by the goings-on in this world of illusions. Be steadfast to your inward journey. When all else is taken, that’s what counts. My Poppy used to tell me, nothing you have or will ever have has more value than what you walk with, develop your integrity. That’s basic Principle. Walk in the Holy Light. Connect with all that’s sacred surrounding you. Differentiate between what has true value and what is distracting your Soul from its evolution.
Stand firm in your sacredness. We need to recognize ourselves as sacred. When you know that you know that you know, you know you are in the HANDS of THE SACRED ONENESS. IT does not need worldly goods to thrive. IT simply is. Love is free of all the crap the world has handed us to separate from our wholeness. I Love You. Now, let’s stand strong through these current and impending storms. Start within. Blessed Love… #dafinaisms <3