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Our transformational acupuncture treatments directly influence our patients in achievement of their goal of improved health and healthier lifestyle practices.

My practice includes acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedies, massage therapy, moxabustion, cupping, spiritual counseling and resources for much more.

I have practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine in the  California area,  from Los Angeles to Oakland to San Francisco to Sacramento, for over 20 years.  My patients present with a variety of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual concerns for which they seek my treatments.

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About twenty-seven years ago, my sister was preparing for the birth of her first child. She was adamant about having me present during her labor and birthing process. Afterwards, I was constantly sought out, especially by friends of my son’s. It was amazing. I decided to add more dimension to my birth assisting by completing a doula program. The rest is history.

Treasuring your health includes linking with creating a healthy birthing world for each of our mothers, extending to fathers and other family members as well. For couples or individuals interested in enhancing their fertility, acupuncture has provided very positive outcome. Many pregnant mothers add regular acupuncture treatments to their  Prenatal and postnatal care. Many patients have experienced positive results working with various postpartum issues, such as postpartum depression, and aiding the return of the body to its former state,  or even to healthier state.  Women who use acupuncture in conjunction with seeing their ob/gyn are more likely to have safer pregnancies and shorter, smoother labors and births. Mothers who use acupuncture as part their pregnancy treatment plan are also less likely to have complications, such as, maternal fever, fetal distress or caesarian section.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture, another one of our services, is fabulously effective for both women and men desiring to retain or return to their youthful, radiant glow. Not only do the acupuncture treatments aid youthful appearance, they also aid digestive function and much more.

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Please feel free to Contact my office for additional information and to set up an appointment for our services. Same day acupuncture appointments may be available.

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies.